Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sundaram Sai Bhajan Vol. 27

FLAC:   Side A   Side B

Side A
01. Mangala Dayaka Hey
02. Sadguru Om
03. Mukunda Madhava
04. Allah Ho Akbar
05. Prema Mayi Sai Ma
06. Sai Rma Sai Ram

Side B
07. Daya Karo Hari Narayana
08. Raghava Rama Raghuveera
09. Shivaya Parameshwaraya *
10. Hey Ranga Panduranga *
11. Shri Ram Jaya Ram
12. Govinda Madhava

* tracks 9 and 10 have a couple moments where the audio cuts out for a second

This tape is awesome.  Bhajan (devotional) music has really captured my attention lately and this is a really fun example.  This musical group seems to have something to do with Śri Sathya Sai Baba but the internet is not being too terribly clear on that point.  My copy is without an insert so I found the tracklist on the internet at the link above.  I hope it's accurate.

Note: including both the image of Side A and Side B pushed the FLAC zip files over the Mediafire size limit.  Here is a link to both images for completists like me:

Also, Tapess is on Facebook now.  So, if you want updates through there, now you can have that.

Here is a sample from track 4:
Sundaram (10/14/12) Tr 4 Sample by tapesssss


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