Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lata Mangeshkar & Madan Mohan - All Time Greats (Vol. 1)

FLAC:   Side A   Side B

Side A
01. Ankhon Ankhon Mein
02. Mukh Mod Na Lena Sajana
03. Tum Ho Saath
04. Badi Barbadiyan Lekar
05. Chain Nahin Aaye
06. Chand Madham Hai
07. Chal Diya Dil Mera Todke
08. Naino Mein Pyar Dole
09. Sapne Mein Sajan Se

Side B
10. Tu Pyar Kare Ya Thukraye *
11. Un Ankhon Mein Neend Kahan
12. Sajana Lagan Teri
13. Dukhiyare Naina
14. Mane Na Haye Balam
15. Dil Unko Uthake De Diya
16. Kadam Behke Behke
17. Na Hanso Hampe

* - for some reason (probably out of laziness) there is no tape leader on one side so this track starts very suddenly and probably a bit of the intro was cut off

Attention Bollywood music fans!  This tape is awesome.  17 songs on this anthology, all composed by Madan Mohan and sung by Lata Mangeshkar.  And the best part is: there's a volume 2!  I'll be posting it later this week or next week (school is a little intense right now but I'm trying to make time for the blog).  For more information on the lyricists and the films the songs come from, check the scan of the back of the j-card in the download.

Here's a sample from track 4 of side A:
Lata Mohan (3/29/12) Tr 4 Sample by tapesssss

Monday, March 12, 2012

Umm Kulthum - Zekrayat

FLAC:   Side A   Side B

Side A
01. Fakir Lamma Kont Ganby (Remember When You Were Next To Me)

Side B
02. Ya Tool 'azaby (My Long Suffering)
03. ???

Here is a spectacular Umm Kulthum tape (although, I think all her work is spectacular).  There's not much I can say about this tape even though I feel the need to put some words here.  The last minute of Side B is a short, instrumental piece with some synthesizers.  I'm not really sure why it's on this tape (probably just to fill space) since Umm Kulthum does not sing in it.  It's cool, though.  Kinda funky with a Dabke-esque synth sounds and lots of percussive drive.

Thanks again to daretelayam for translation and Romanization!

Here is a sound sample from Side A:
Umm (3/12/12) Side A samp by tapesssss

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sanjeev Abhyankar - Jog, Madhukauns & Bhinna Shadja


Side A
01. Jog

Side B
02. Madhukauns
03. Bhinna Shadja

Beautiful Indian Classical music with superb vocals by the magnificent Sanjeev Abhyankar.  This release was put out 1 year after his 6-year hiatus but it's unclear when it was recorded.  The FLAC files turned out to be quite large so I had to split Side B into 2 files.

Here is a preview from track 1:
Sanjeev (3/5/12) Tr. 1 Sample by tapesssss