Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mohammed Abdel Wahab - Meen 'azebak


Kickin' it off the right way.  Here's a recording from 1931.  Ripped straight from the delicious shellac it was pressed on.

And here's a sample:
Moh (09/18/12) sample by tapesssss


  1. Very old 78, whews!

    The funny thing about it is how the pressing company (A French pressing, mind) has misspelled the title of the song (Mien 'Athibak - Who Has Tortured You). What's more odd is how did you manage to read it with it being misspelled like that and still could get the original title intact? Must have been an Arab friend, amirite? Kudos to you and them.

    Wahab all the way!


    1. Yes, I have someone I go to with my Arabic "translations". Interesting to hear It's misspelled on the record, he didn't mention that.

  2. How did you come to record it-- is your 78-playing turntable custom-wired to say, RCA jacks for output? The sound quality is quite good, I was curious how you managed to digitize it. Thanks! -Kerb

    1. My amplifier (Marantz 2230 if you're curious) has a RCA output. Used a RCA to 3.5mm cable into my Zoom H2 audio interface. Didn't use any noise reduction software on it.

      Glad you enjoy it

      - James