Wednesday, October 10, 2012

M. Polin - Ah! Je l'attends / Situation intéressante - Monologue


Here is a very old recording.  It sounds like a very old recording.  Recorded and pressed in 1905.  Can't find much of anything about this singer, not even the first name.  If anyone knows some stuff, let me know.  I'm curious.  Side 2 is literally just a monologue so it's pretty boring if you don't speak French (like me).

Here's a sound sample:
Polin (10/10/12) Samp by tapesssss

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  1. Pretty sur the guy is Pierre-Paul Marsalés, aka Polin.
    A 'cafe-concert' singer (basically funny/light songs someone would sing while everyone gets drunk on cheap red wine).
    If you want to see his face