Friday, January 27, 2012

Lata Mangeshkar - Meera Bhajans

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Side A
01. Sanvaro Nandnandan
02. Kinun Sang Khelun Holi
03. Mhara Re Giridhar Gopal
04. Thane Kanee Kanee Sunava

Side B
01. Maee Mhano Supnama Parnare Dinanath
02. Oji Hari Kit Gaye
03. Ramaiya Bin Nind Na Aave
04. Sanvara Mari Preet

Today we have the magnificent Lata Mangeshkar singing Bhajans (Indian devotional songs).  This stuff really speaks for itself.  Mad props to His Master's Voice for cutting the j-card crooked.

Here is a sample from track 6:
Lata (1/27/12) Tr.6 Sample by tapesssss

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  1. heh, yea :) mad props to hmv fer being crooked. keep up the good work