Friday, April 6, 2012

ASKI (Akademi Seni Karawitan Indonesia) Surakarta - Tulis Kresna (Aneka Jineman Vol 2)

FLAC:   Side A   Side B

Side A
01. Jineman TULIS KRESNA Pelog lima
02. Jineman UNDUR-UNDUR KAJONGAN, Lancaran PARISUKA kalajengaken lelagon KANG CUMENGKLING, RAMPAK REMPEG wangsul PARISUKA Pelog nem.

Side B
03. Jineman MIJIL Pelog nyamat
04. Jineman MOROKANGEN, Bawa Sekar Macapat ASMARADANA JAKALOLA Katampen gendhing KEMBANG LUMBU minggah JURANG JUGRUG, BRIBIL, Srepeg PAJANG dipun uran-urani SINOM GRANDHEL, GAMBUH terus GO DRIL LUMAJANG Pelog nem

Beautiful gamelan stuff from Indonesia.  Don't really know what to say about it since I don't really have a developed ear for the subtleties of gamelan music.  It's a great tape.  Enjoy!

Here is a preview from Side B:
Aski (4/6/12) Side B Samp by tapesssss


  1. Great music--thanks! This is traditional gamelan from Central Java, the city of Surakarta, performed by the staff (keluarga) of Akademi Seni Karawitan Indonesia (ASKI), one of several major performing arts universities in Indonesia. The director, Rahayu Supangga, is justly famous as a teacher, composer, arranger, and drummer (the drummer is the conductor). I only know one of the female singers, Supadmi, who is also highly regarded. Excellent transfer, too--Indonesian tapes are difficult, since the levels are usually ridiculously high....

    1. Thanks for the info!

      This tape was the least difficult (so far) of my Indonesian tape transfers. All 5 of my "Sekar Arum" tapes never quite sound right.