Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kiyoko Suizenji (水前寺清子) - Three 45s


[CW-846] Kamisama No Koibito (1968)
01. Kamisama No Koibito
02. Hohoemi

[CW-1000] Tokyo De Dame Nara (1969)
01. Tokyo De Dame Nara
02. San-en Nagashi Uta

[CW-1050] Ichi Tasu Ichi No Ondo (1970)
01. Ichi Tasu Ichi No Ondo
02. ABC Kouta

Okay, okay, these aren't tapes; they're 45rpm record singles.  I found a bunch of Japanese 45s from the 60's and 70's and these were too good to not share.  Hymie's Records always surprises me with amazing finds.  All three of the singles in this download are from the same great singer: Kiyoko Suizenji.  I can find almost nothing about her online (although I admittedly didn't dig very hard).  There may be some more Japanese 45s coming up in the next couple weeks.  The middle sleeve pictured above is a scan of mine and the top and bottom ones were found online since my copies didn't have them.

Here is a sample from Tokyo De Dame Nara:
Kiyoko (4/19/12) Tokyo Samp by tapesssss

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